{a feast for the eyes: los angeles} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

Very happy to be announce I'll be hosting the Kinfolk Magazine gathering: A feast for the eyes right here in Los Angeles on April 15th. Together we explore film as a new medium to gather. We'll be screening A Film About Coffee with director Brandon Loper on hand for some q+a after and to share a bit on his journey of the film and the inspiration behind it. When I first saw the film, I already had a great appreciation for coffee. But when I finished the film, I had a greater appreciation of it. The film is not only a beautiful story of the process, but also the amount of work it takes to get one of the most important thing on anyone's breakfast table. The cinematography is amazing and the film is just a beautiful piece visually as well.

No matter the quality of your cup, people who love coffee, love it. Coffee is about people, and people are what I’m interested in ultimately.
— Brandon Loper, Director

There are limited tickets, so reserve your spot now. We'll be in downtown Los Angeles in  the Arts District at CommunalHeirloom LA and Stumptown will be on hand for movie bites and of course, coffee.