{workshop highlights: tillamook station kokedama workshop} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

Better late than never right? With the help of Christiann Koepke of Portland Fresh, recapping my recent Portland workshop had to go up! Tillamkook Station provided a space to unleash the creative mind and for this lovely group of women that came, it was a time to get our hands dirty.

They arrived to an assortment of plants to choose from, a table of delicious nibbles from Elephants Deli and new friends to meet - but after a small demonstration and instruction, it was time to get going on their first moss ball.

Time to get down and dirty.

Kokedama balls can be hung or just placed on your table/desk. It's a Japanese art form and known as the poor man's plant. I for one think the kokedama can open the door to a different form of gardening especially for those that live in a city with limited gardening options. The room had fun and by their third moss ball, they had become pro's! 

La Fleur Kitchen Workshop photographed by Christiann Koepke of portlandfresh.com-7.jpg

Thanks Christiann for documenting the afternoon! For more on this talented lady, follow along with her on her Instagram adventures! 

All photography provided by: Portland Fresh