{workshop highlights: 2/28 communal} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

Living Walls or vertical gardens are a way to bring the outside in or the inside out within your home or business. Living walls help to produce more oxygen to your space just like any other plant, but also naturally removes the toxins in the air we breathe. Its also a great focal point and quite the conversation starter while entertaining guests in your home or having clients come to your business. Although living walls are fairly easy to create once you have all the materials, all it requires is patience.

My recent workshop in Downtown LA focused on living walls/vertical gardens and how you could still garden in the city. It was a peaceful and bliss afternoon at Communal gardening.

The table setting that greeted the students.

The succulent bar.

The best part of all.... you get your hands dirty!

Carefully putting together the design.

If you've been to any of my workshops you know that food is a necessity to keep the creative juices flowing. I encourage food breaks! Mariana of Communal prepared a lovely spread for everyone to enjoy.

Another successful and fun workshop! I can't wait to see them hung in a few weeks. Thanks Mariana for welcoming us into Communal. Visit Communal for their upcoming gatherings.