{desired: floral interns} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

La Fleur Kitchen looking for part-time interns for the summer that want to learn about floral design, get their hands dirty, but stop to smell the flowers. You don’t need to have experience, but the right personality and fit with me is key.


It’d be great if:

+you had an insured car and enjoy (or can tolerate) sitting in LA traffic if need be

+can take really pretty instagram images (and please share your handle)

+knowledge of a mac computer and its program

+like things clean and you’re organized

+friendly with a positive outlook on life


Things you may be doing:

+making runs to the downtown Flower Mart or supply runs

+possible deliveries


+flower prep


+bucket washing

+social media


+light administration work

+baking (seriously)

+learning more about flowers, foliage and succulents


I’m looking for part-time and event interns. Please email hello@lafleurkitchen.com and say hello. I’m not looking for a fancy resume, just someone that can has a stand out personality, is authentic, creative and has a good eye for all things (and of course all of the above).