{why flowers?} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

I had a recent reflection on my journey on how I began my love for flowers, floral design and styling and gardening. Really, if I think about it, it goes back to my childhood. My mother loved to garden, my grandmother loved flowers, I danced hula and was always taught to make my own ti-leaf skirts and floral crowns (or in Hawaii, they're called a Haku). I've always had it in me.

If I look deeper, not only for me is it a love and admiration of nature, but so therapeutic with a sense of gratitude at the same time. I can get lost when it's just me, my table and buckets of flowers and foliage. It's a blank canvas waiting to happen. It allows me complete freedom (well of course based on the client's request) and it allows my mind to be clear. I find inspiration in everyday natural beauty, people and storytelling.

Additionally, once complete and although I don't deliver them personally I know when it's received on the other end will it only bring happiness to someone. How can you not enjoy making a person smile and with a reaction of complete surprise and joy? Often in the past, with boyfriends we'd discuss how flowers are just temporary, so expensive and then they die. I never saw it that way. I saw the journey of it all. The start of a seed, to farm and nurture, the travel (if any), why it was being given, to design and how beautiful it was when it arrived.

A friend told me once that everything in life was temporary. Flowers are temporary. My first flower instructor told me that when we have our ingredients on the table, it's on its death bed. Sure, all that is true. However, I look at it at giving it its last bit of life and enjoying what we have when we have it. I cannot or will not complain about what I do for a living. I'm only grateful I get to do what I love.