{happy may day} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

May Day is celebrated across the world in many different unique ways. A lighthearted celebration of spring, togetherness and family and friends. Most May Day celebrations are full of song, dance, food and flowers. In my home state of Hawaii, May Day is Lei Day. 

May Day is celebrated across the islands, in schools, organizations and in everyday households. Each event is carefully planned with an enormous amount of love and aloha. Students of all ages, small and tall, practice daily for months on their dances, volunteers string hundreds of flower leis, chefs cook up a good feast (luau) and at the end we sit back and enjoy a spectacular show.

My favorite of course are the flowers. Hawaii has some of the most fragrant smelling flowers. Some of my favorites are plumerias, gardenias, pikakes and puakenikenis. Having a flower in your hair or around your neck is a must. When someone gives you a flower lei, it's a sign of respect, thank you and welcoming in Hawaii. If passing through the islands and you have the opportunity to see a May Day program, you won't be disappointed.