{a messy kinfolk meal} / by TAKE ONE DAILY MEDIA

I was so fortunate to participate in one of the most amazing dinners in Ojai this past weekend. Hosted by Modern Folk Living and featuring a collection of the works of some incredible people. This year's Kinfolk Gathering was all about embracing imperfection with a messy meal. Inspired from the Wabi-Sabi book - the night was full of good people, good food and a true beautiful mess.

Situated in what seemed like the middle of a forest, the setting at The Ojai Ranch House was simply majestic.

A DIY Bar with a delicious recipe for The Indian Summer provided by Sama Sama Kitchen and Ventura Spirit greeted guests.

A DIY bar featuring a delicious Indian Summer cocktail by Sama Sama Kitchen and Ventura Spirits greeted the guests.


Beth from Mt. Washington Pottery made these special and gorgeous plates and cups for the dinner and Cathy Callahan dyed these gorgeous linen napkins.

Cocoa Pods filled with delight for the guests to take home.

Dinner is served! And a request to the guests from the chef, eat with your hands. Utensils are optional. It was colorful, so good and messy. One could say the night was perfect, but then again we were here to embrace the imperfection. Such a magical evening in Ojai!