Cherie Marquez is the Founder of Floral and Botanical Design Studio, La Fleur Kitchen. Based out of Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest, La Fleur Kitchen designs for gatherings, the home and brands to add that special touch to conversation, laughter and meaning to create long lasting moments and stories.

Cherie's inspiration for designing and styling things already beautiful originates from her travels, family gatherings, her love of food and stories. She holds a variety of floral and botanical workshops throughout the year and enjoys teaching people not just the fundamentals, but also using design to build confidence and provide encouragement to pursue their creative short and long term aspirations.

Cherie has worked for brands such as Kinfolk, Anthropologie, Splendid, Free People, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Eva Franco and Le Sportsac. Cherie also is the owner of botanical boutique, MIROJA located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Originally from Hawaii, she now splits her time between Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest.

how it all started

Fortunate to have the ocean, mountains and nature at her doorstep while growing up in Hawaii, Cherie brings an organic and simple touch to all things already beautiful. What started out as a creative outlet, grew the intrinsic allure for floral and botanical design.  Knowing how nature can evoke emotion and take part of a story provides daily inspiration in the challenge of each unique creation.

Growing up, the kitchen has always been a place of laughter, connection and composing delicious ingredients into traditional gatherings for friends and family. The name Cherie means my sweetheart, my dear, or my love. By embracing her name, its French origin, her love for flowers and plants and her childhood kitchen memories, a simple modern concept in the significance of design was formed.

what we do

To nourish those memorable gatherings that happen in the kitchen, La Fleur Kitchen shares exclusive recipes of its own through each design.

Every gathering, moment or celebration is unique and exceptional to us. Elaborate or quiet and personal, every recipe will be curated and designed with thought, love, warmth and with the finest quality of petals and products.

We are delighted to be invited to design an unforgettable experience for you.

Serving Los Angeles + Seattle and available for travel beyond.